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Fly Tackle & Accessories

Fly Fishing Tackle |  Fly Tackle & Accessories

Get more details on Accessory Packs

Packs of fly fishing accessories that combine many fly fishing tools into a single pack. These offer good value and are easier to choose than buying all the bits separately.

Get more details on Backing Line

High quality backing line from Cortland and others including Polyester backing, Braided Mono backing, super fine Gel Spun Micron and high strength Dacron backing line.

Get more details on Bass Bags & Fish Stringers

Bass Bags and Fish Stringers to keep your newly caught trout and salmon cool and fresh. From simple From zipped mesh bags to top quality, british hand made bass bags

Get more details on Cast Carriers and Wallets

Store and re-use your fly casts and leaders without tangles using these handy cast carriers and wallets.

Get more details on Fish Filleting Knives

A good range of fish filleting knives to suit all budgets. Here you'll find filleting knives to clean and fillet your catch with the main focus on Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon Filleting Knives.

Get more details on Filleting Accessories

Filleting Gloves, Filleting Boards, Knife Sharpeners, hand cleaners and accessories. Make the most of the fish you catch in a clean, easy, safe and secure manner.

Get more details on Fishing / Angling Glue

Fishing Glues that are manufactured especially for Angling use. These angling superglues have a rubber compound in their formulation to stop water exposure weakening the bond.

Get more details on Fishing Tools

Fishing tools that come in handy. Often you don't realise you need one until an emergency happens. Fix reels, open squashed rings, remove or replace circlips, close hook barbs to remove from clothing, ears, etc.

Get more details on Floatant & Sinkant

Treat your flies and leaders to a touch of floatant to keep them on top of the water.
Or use a bit of sinkant to help them cut through the surface layer and sink.

Get more details on Fly Boxes

Who'd have thought there were so many different kinds of fly boxes? Aluminium, plastic, wood, polystyrene, flat foam, ripple foam, dimpled, nubby tack, compartments, transparent, coloured, waterproof, floating. Whatever fly box you're after, have a look in here.

Get more details on Fly Patches

Fly patches are great for keeping your favourite flies close at hand. Also the best place to put used flies so they can dry out before putting them into the fly box. Stops them going rusty and staining.

Get more details on Fly Line Cleaners and Dressings

Fly lines tend to get tired and dirty after a bit of use. These fly line cleaners will clean, soften and recondition modern fly lines to keep them supple, high floating and long casting.

Get more details on Forceps & Hook Removers

Forceps and Hook Removers to help you unhook fish easily without destroying the fly.

Get more details on Hook Sharpeners and Barb Removers

Even the best of hooks will blunt after a bit of use and contact with stones, weeds and bony mouths. A decent hook sharpener will keep them sharp as a pin and in perfect condition.

Get more details on Knot Tyers

Knot tyer tools that make the whole job of tying strong, effective fishing knots much quicker and easier.

Get more details on Landing Nets

Landing nets including simple scoop nets, telescopic flip-up nets and large fixed frame nets for salmon and other large fish.

Get more details on Leader Straighteners

Straighten and stretch leaders so they lie flat and straight on the water. A straight leader will present the fly better, reduce missed takes and suffer less from wind knots.

Get more details on Line Clips, Snips & Cutters

Line clippers and snips to easily and efficiently cut your line and trim your knots, even with cold hands or when wearing gloves. Many also have added features such as hook eye cleaners, cutting blades, knot tyers and disgorgers.

Get more details on Priests and Marrow Spoons

The humane way to dispatch the fish you catch. A quick knock on the head with one of these priests will quickly apply the last rites. Marrow spoons are used to look at what the fish have been eating. Essential if you want to 'match the hatch'.

Get more details on Reel Oils and Grease

Reel Oil, Lubricant and Grease. A little care will keep your reel running smoothly and extend it's life. Just what you need if you ever have to wash down your reel to clean out grit or saltwater.

Get more details on Reel Protectors & Cases

Fly Reel Protectors and cases. These protect valuable reels from knocks, bumps and scrapes and some will fit while the reel is fitted to the fly rod. Handy for multiple rod set ups and keeping noise down when fishing from a boat.

Get more details on Snatchbacks & Zingers

These Snatchbacks and Zingers are handy for keeping essential tools close at hand. No more fumbling about in a waistcoat pocket to find the clips every time you change a fly.

Get more details on Strike Indicators

Bite, or Strike Indicators make it easy to see any activity at the end of your line. Very effective when fishing nymphs on rivers and increasingly popular fishing stillwaters.

Get more details on Tackle Bags

There should be something for everyone in this wide range of Fly Fishing Tackle Bags. Including traditional style canvas shoulder bags, chest packs, back packs and modern padded boat bags.

Get more details on Thermometers

River, Stream and Lake Thermometers to determine the water temperature, hatch conditions and likely fish depths.

Get more details on Weighing Scales

Scales to weigh your fish. From simple tube scales to round spring scales and digital electronic scales. Essential equipment if you ever dream of catching the big one.

Fly Tackle & Accessories
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