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Good catches are being reported across the country with Buzzers doing very well.

Fly Line Cleaners and Dressings

Fly lines tend to get tired and dirty after a bit of use. These fly line cleaners will clean, soften and recondition modern fly lines to keep them supple, high floating and long casting.
Fly Line Dressings

Fly Line Dressings

Keep your fly lines in top condition with these fly line cleaners and conditioners (never use ordinary soap or detergents; they'll strip the internal lubrication and leave unwanted residue on the fly line).

Each of the Cortland Pro Fly Line Cleaner Pads six individually wrapped pads contains a non toxic, water based solution that has friction reducers, plastic conditioners, UV blockers and dust repellent so treated lines will cast further and last longer.

With a little care your fly line will perform better and last years longer.