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Fishing Flies

Fly Fishing Tackle |  Fishing Flies

Get more details on Blobs

Blobs will often tempt trout when nothing else will work. A great lure with a proven success record.

Get more details on Boobies

For when the fish are down deep. A booby fished on the bottom is often the way to catch these fish without the fly getting stuck in the mud.

Get more details on Buzzer Flies

Possibly the most successful fishing fly early season. These buzzer flies catch fish all year round.

Get more details on Czech Mate Nymphs

Fulling Mill Czech mate nymphs.Fast sinking nymphs designed to get fly down in fast moving rivers.

Get more details on Daddy Longleg Flies

Daddies can be great fun. Whether fished dry on the surface or just below using one of the sunken daddy patterns.

Get more details on Damsel Flies

A great fly one small stillwaters as the weather warms up. Includes the very successful Blue Flash Damsel.

Get more details on Dry Flies

There's nothing quite like seeing a trout take a dry fly on the surface. Great fun and very rewarding.

Get more details on Emerger Flies

Emergers are the fly to use when the fish are 'nose and tailing' or just sipping flylife from the surface film.

Get more details on Gold Nugget Nymphs

The use of a Gold Nugget or Gold Head has brought new life to many traditional nymphs and created some new successful ones.

Get more details on Hopper Flies

Hoppers. Great catchers when dragged through the surface film, especially in the autumn. can also be used as a hawthorn fly imitation.

Get more details on Lures and Streamers

Traditional and modern fly lures. The white, black and green colours can be just as successful as the brighter cousins.

Get more details on Magic Circle Nymphs

These nymphs are tied on 'magic Circle' hooks. The upturned barb and offset in the hook are designed so a taking fish 'self hooks'. No need to strike.

Get more details on Mayfly Flies

A good choice of mayflies. Some are stunning to look at, some look plain but catch lots of trout. You don't want to be without these when the mayfly are hatching.

Get more details on Mini Lures

Mini Lures tied on competition friendly hook sizes.

Get more details on Minnow and Fry Flies

Minnows and Fries are great catchers at the tail end of season when trout are often chasing shoals of fish close to the banks.

Get more details on Nymphs

Nymph patterns. More trout are probably caught on nymphs than any other fly style. The nymphs listed here are probably all you'll ever need.

Get more details on Salmon Flies

Some of the most popular salmon flies. All proven fish takers.

Get more details on Saltwater Flies

Saltwater flies for sea bass, tarpon and other saltwater targets.

Get more details on Sea Trout Flies

Popular and successful sea Trout flies. The 'snakes' are proving very successful for customers.

Get more details on Special Flies

Flies that don't fit the other sections. Includes the successful floating snail pattern.

Get more details on Weighted Nymphs

Includes weighted versions of our popular Fulling Mill nymphs and lead bugs for use when stalking the big trout.

Get more details on Wet Flies

Traditional wet fly patterns. Often just as successful as other flies.

Get more details on Fishing Flies Buyers Guide

Not sure which flies to buy? Is it best to buy a selection pack or individual flies? How do you choose the right hook size and which flies are a good choice for your particular area and fishing location?

Here you'll find everything you need to know about buying fishing flies.

Get more details on Which Fishing Flies?

There are different flies for all types of fishing locations and styles. We look at the top patterns, traditional and modern, and consider the elements that go into different fishing flies.

Not forgetting of course the saltwater anglers who might be bass fishing in the cold waters of the Atlantic or tarpon fishing in the much warmer Caribbean seas.

Get more details on Fishing Flies Glossary

An A-Z of fly flies. Everything from Adams to Zonker. The top patterns and materials covered in detail for reference.

Get more details on Fishing Flies Tips

A selection of hints, tips and advice on how to use and look after your fishing flies.

Get more details on The anatomy of a fishing fly

We take a look at the makings of fishing flies and what it is that makes the difference in quality and catching potential.

Fishing Flies
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