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Good catches are being reported across the country with Buzzers doing very well.

Wet Flies

Traditional wet fly patterns. Often just as successful as other flies and great fish catchers on scottish lochs as well as rivers, lakes and stillwaters around the UK.

Traditional Wet Flies

Traditional wet flies have evolved over more than 100 years into a range of very successful flies that will often catch brown trout, rainbow trout, sea trout and salmon. Fished below the surface, these flies are typically tied using natural materials such as feathers for a wing or hackle with a bit of attention seeking brightness from a touch of silver to the body or brightly coloured tails. A lot of these traditional wets were originally developed for catching trout on the lochs of Scotland and Ireland but even today they can still be deadly for most game fish all around the UK including on large stillwaters, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.