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Czech Mate Nymphs

Fulling Mill Czech mate nymphs. Fast sinking nymphs designed to get the fly down deep in fast moving rivers.

Czech Mate Nymphs

The Czech Mate nymph is a pattern made popular in Europe for catching fish on fast moving rivers. It mainly imitates the freshwater shrimp that live in these rivers but can also be taken as a close match to the larval stage of other flies.

The Czech Mate nymph is heavily weighted to get it down deep in the water, and is then lifted on the swing to raise it to the surface. They come in a variety of colours to match the local river life and different weights to suit the speed of the water. Expect takes as they tumble down the river bed and also on the rise to the surface.

Fulling Mill make these flies in three different weights. The standard weighted Czech Mate nymph are maybe 20-25% heavier and denser than a typical gold nugget nymph. The super weighted Czech Mate nymphs have extra lead in the body making them about 50% heaver than the standard CM nymph and the Tungsten Depth Charge versions have an additional tungsten bead in the body making them 50% heavier still for the ultimate in fast sinking nymphs.