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Cortland Leader Loops

These Cortland braided leader loops are the standard neutral density versions. They come in standard and heavy duty strengths and each pack has four braided leader loops and heat-shrink tubing to make a fast and effective, smooth clean join.

Cortland Braided Leader Loops

Cortland Braided Leader Loops

By Cortland
5.0 stars out of 5.0 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Cortland braided leader loops
Lightweight suits 2-7 weight lines
Heavyweight suits 9-15 weight lines
Neutral / Sinking Version, best for sinking / intermiedate fly lines
Available in Clear or Yellow braided Nylon


Product Description

These Cortland braided leader loops come in lightweight and heavy duty sizes to perfectly match your fly line.

These are the standard neutral / sinking versions best suited for sinking or intermediate fly lines.


Each pack has four braided leader loops and heat-shrink tubing to make a fast and effective, smooth clean join.

These loops come in two different sizes: 2-7 wt for lines between AFTM 2 and 7 and 8-15 wt for lines from AFTM 8 upwards.

The 2-7 weight loops are made from 30lb braided nylon and are perfect for trout fishing. The 8-15 weight loops are made from 50lb braided nylon and are ideal for Salmon and Saltwater fishing.

Full instructions are included on the back of the pack.


Slip On Leader Loops

1. Pull heat shrink connector onto leader loop.

2. Thread leader loop all the way onto the fly line using the "inch worm" technique.

3. Pull heat shrink connector down loop, covering half of the loop end and half of the flyline. Heat shrink connector with temperatures exceeding 230F (110C).

To make a loop-to-loop connection:

1. Pass leader loop thru line loop.
2. Pass the small end of line loop thru leader loop.
3. Tighten by pulling in opposite direction.

Note: The pack contains diagrams to go with the instructions.


Leader loops are a great way to add a loop to the end of a fly line. The way they're fixed means the harder they're pulled the stronger the braid grips the line.

They can be a bit fiddly the first time you put them on. After that it's really quite simple. A tip is to push the braid over the fly line a bit at a time as pushing the braid makes it expand so the line can slide in more easily.

These loops use heat shrink tubing rather than a rubber sleeve which makes for a fast, secure and tidy connection without the need for superglue. An easy way to shrink the tubing is with a match or cigarette lighter. Just be careful not to hold the flame too near the joint as you don't want to melt the fly line.

These loops do come in different sizes to match your line and / or fishing style. They are little bit more expensive but remember there are four loops in the pack and it's often worth paying that bit more for the extra quality.

Cortland Leaders Loops Reviews

Cortland Leader Loops
5.0 stars out of 5.0 2 Reviews
5.0 out of 5.0 stars


5 stars out of 5.0  Cortland Leader Loops (2-7 wt)  19 May 2016

By a verified customer from R.C.T.


5 stars out of 5.0  Cortland Leader Loops (2-7 wt)  29 July 2013

By a verified customer from Aberdeenshire


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