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Greys Leader Loops

Greys Leader Loops with 4 clear braided loops per pack. Available in two sizes, a lightweight 'Trout' version for 4-8 weight lines and a stronger 'Salmon' version for 9-12 weight lines. The rubber sleeves are preloaded on the loop for ease of use and slide down nicely to cover the join.

Greys Braided Leader Loops

Greys Braided Leader Loops

By Greys
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Greys Braided Leader Loops
4 Clear Braided Nylon Loops per Pack
'Trout' version for 4-8 lines
'Salmon' version for 9-12 weight lines
Rubber sleeve already applied


Product Description

These Greys Braided Leader Loops come in a pack of four clear braided nylon loops. Each loop has a pre-applied rubber sleeve for quick and easy installation to the fly line.

The loops come in two types. A pack of lightweight loops suitable for trout (4-8 weight lines) and pack of salmon loops suitable for 9-12 weight lines.


These packs of braided leader loops provides a simple and effective way of putting a loop on the end of your fly line. Once the loop is on, it's very easy to attach leaders and or braided leaders using a loop-to-loop that won't get stuck in your rod rings

4 Clear braided loops per pack
Each loop is about 10cm / 4" in length
Two different loop weights.
- 'Trout' for #4-8 weight lines.
- 'Salmon' for #9-12 weight lines

With these loops the rubber sleeve is pre loaded on the loop which makes life much easier.


Leader loops are a great way to add a loop to the end of a fly line. The way they're fixed means the harder they're pulled the stronger the braid grips the line.

They can be a bit fiddly the first time you put them on. After that it's really quite simple. One tip is to push the braid over the fly line a bit at a time, as pushing the braid makes it expand so the line can slide down inside the braid more easily.

Adding a small drop of superglue at the end of the braid just before sliding the rubber sleeve over provides a little extra security. It's well worth doing as I've heard too many horror stories of the fish of a lifetime being lost because this wasn't done.

Having to slide the rubber sleeve over the loops is a fiddly job on some leader loops. These loops have to sleeve pre-loaded onto the loops which makes the whole job much easier.

Greys Braided Leader Loops Reviews

Greys Braided Loops - Pack of 4 - Trout
4.0 stars out of 5.0 1 Review
4.0 out of 5.0 stars


4 stars out of 5.0  Greys Braided Loops - Pack of 4 - Trout  2 October 2020

By a verified customer from Sir Ynys Mon

Prefer longer sleeves on the exposed braid end.


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