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Fly Selections

Fly Fishing Tackle |  Fly Selections

Get more details on Boxed Fly Selections

Luxury fly selections in a presentation box containing up to 225 top quality Fulling Mill Flies. A choice of River, Stillwater and Salmon fly selections to suit most fly fishermen. These are a popular gift for the fly fisherman.

Get more details on Buzzer Selections

Including Flexi-Floss, 3D Glass, Superglue, Shipmans, Sugar Lump & Deep Water Buzzers.

Get more details on Daddy Longlegs Selections

Including floating and sinking daddy selections in a variety of fish catching patterns. Essential when craneflies are around.

Get more details on Damsel Fly Selections

Damsel and dragon flies to cover all eventualities. A favourite fly for stillwater trout fishing.

Get more details on Dry Fly Selections

Favourite dry fly selections for top of the water action. Adams, Klinkhammers, Midges, Olives, Parachutes, & Sedges.

Get more details on Emerger Selections

Emerger nymph selections for fishing in the surface film. Gentle takes, furious action.

Get more details on Hopper Selections

Bristol Hopper selections. Fished on or near the surface these bristol hoppers can be irresistible to trout.

Get more details on Lure Selections

Successful selections for all year round action. Blobs, Boobies, Cat's Whiskers, Nobblers, Sparklers,.....

Get more details on Mayfly Selections

Selections of traditional and modern mayfly patterns. Grey Wulff, Lunns Spent Gnat, Green Drake, Thomas Yellow. When the hatch is on you need these flies.

Get more details on Minnows and Fry

Surface & sub-surface selections. A popular late autumn technique for fishing the margins and catching monster trout..

Get more details on Nymph Selections

Selections of a trout's number 1 diet and the most successful patterns. Bloodworms, Diawl Bach, Hare's Ear, Mayfly, Olive, Pheasant Tail. There are probably more trout caught on these than any other fly type.

Get more details on Salmon Fly Selections

Selections of salmon flies. Singles, Doubles, Trebles, Tubes, Shrimps and Steelhead patterns.

Get more details on Saltwater Fly Selections

Saltwater fly selections for bass, bonefish & tarpon including shrimp, clouser & deceiver patterns.

Get more details on Sea Trout Fly Selections

Selections with the ideal flies for starting off your sea trout fly box collection.

Get more details on Special Fly Selections

Selections of flies for special fishing tactics and techniques. Stalking Bugs, Grayling Flies, Washing Line, Smallwater & Gold Head Selections.

Get more details on Wet Fly Selections

Selections of traditional pattern wet flies and dabblers for loch style fishing.

Fly Selections
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