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Turrall Nymph Body - Micro

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Image of Turrall Nymph Body - Micro

Turrall Nymph Body - Micro

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A 0.6mm diameter hollow plastic tube which may be wound to form a semi-flat, segmented body or may have tinsel, wire or other materials threaded into it to form a half-round, translucent, segmented body. 1.5 metre length.
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Turrall Nymph Body - Micro

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Turrall Micro Nymph Body Reviews

Turrall Nymph Body - Micro - Golden Olive
 3 Reviews
5.0 out of 5.0 stars


  Turrall Nymph Body - Micro - Insect Green  21 April 2016

By a customer from County Armagh


  Turrall Nymph Body - Micro - Red  21 April 2016

By a customer from County Armagh


  Turrall Nymph Body - Micro - Golden Olive  21 April 2016

By a customer from County Armagh


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Fly Tying | Fly Tying Materials |  Turrall Nymph Body - Micro
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