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How To Tie - 20 ET Silver

How To Tie - 20 ET Silver

How To Tie - 20 ET Silver

By Lureflash
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This pack shows you how to tie 20 ET Silver flies. It comes with illustrated instructions and includes all the hooks and materials particular to this fly (but excludes the fly tying thread and varnish). {Details} A great way to learn how to tie new fly patterns that will soon have you catching fish on your own flies. This pack contains: 20 Longshank Hooks 1 Red Neon Edge 1 Yellow Neon Edge 20cm Silver Glitz 20cm Red Glitz 5 Plumes Olive Marabou 5x 4mm Gold Beads 15 Pairs Bead Chain Eyes 1m Gold Mobile 5 Olive Cock Hackles