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Complete Fly Tying Kit

Complete Fly Tying Kit

Complete Fly Tying Kit

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This complete fly tying kit comes with all the tools and materials you need to tie over 50 popular fly patterns. Everything stores away in the supplied fly tying case and it comes complete with an instruction booklet and DVD to get you started. {Details} {Contents: Tools} The complete fly tying kit contains the following tools: - 1x Pro AA Vice. - 1x Hackle Pliers. - 1x Spigot Bobbin Holder. - 1x Scissors {Contents: Materials} The complete fly tying kit comes with one pack each of the following materials: Fritz, Flashbright, Flexi-Floss, Copper Wire, Gold Wire, Fine Round Silver Tinsel, Medium Silver Tinsel, Medium Pearl Tinsel, Fine Flat Gold Tinsel, Peacock Herl, Mixed Marabou, Fly Tying Varnish, Butcher Blue, Teal, Black Supergrip Thread, Oliver Supergrip Thread, White Rayon Floss, Adhesive Lead Strip, GP Tippets, Black Cock Hackles, Brown Seals Fur Substitute, Amber Seals Fur Sub, Golden Yellow Seals Fur Substitute, Hen Pheasant Tails, Orange Cock Hackles, Lime Antron Bodywool, Mixed Antron Bodywool, Ibis Substitute, Hare's Ear Dubbing, Cock Pheasant Tail, Red Cock Hackles, Green Seals Fur Substitute, Black Chenille, Red Game Hen Cape, Olive Antron-Seals Fur, Ginger Seals Fur Substitute, Deer Hair, Bead Chain Eyes and 50 Fly Hooks.

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