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Greys QRS Fly Reel System

Greys QRS Fly Reel System

Greys QRS Fly Reel System

By Greys
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Unique dual capacity reel
Full aluminium bar stock construction
Rulon disc drag
Screw down spool release
Quick and easy left to right hand conversion
Complete system with 4 cassette spools in a neprene reel bag

Fly Reel

Product Description

Greys QRS Cassette Fly Reel

What are Greys playing at? These are fully machined bar stock aluminium fly reels in a complete system from one of the most respected brands in the business at a price that should have you running to the shops to grab one now before they realise their mistake and put the price up!

On a more serious note. The Grey QRS (Quad Rating System) salmon reel is a bit like a half brother to the Greys GTS800 reels, taking a lot of the design cues and styling features from the GTS800 but in a stronger body to cope with the use of plastic cassette spools. So we get the same dark grey satin finish, the matching handle with contrasting rubber handls and the milled screw down release and drag system.

What is unique about the QRS reels is the two different sized cassettes (2 of each) that gives you a single reel that you can use with two different setups. Perfect for use with a light river and chalkstream setup or maybe a small stillwater and reservoir combination.

The Greys QRS system uses light yet strong large arbor polycarbonate spool cassettes to store the lines giving all the benefits of less line coiling, quicker line retrieving and a more consistent and reliable performance from the effective Rulon drag system.

The QRS fly reel comes with 4 cassettes in total in a neoprene reel bag. You get two cassettes for the smaller lines and two cassettes for the larger lines.

The line capacities of the Greys QRS cassette spools are:

2/3 line capacity: WF3 + 45m backing line
4/5line capacity: WF5 + 60m backing line

5/6 line capacity: WF6 + 50m backing line
7/8line capacity: WF8 + 100m backing line

The cassette spools support the Greys Line-ID system that lets you identify each of the lines using a clever coloured peg system. Full details of how to use this are included in the box with the reel.


How large are the Greys QRS fly reels?

The Greys QRS 2/3/4/5 fly reel has a diameter of 3.5" (88mm) and a width of 1.3" (34mm)
The Greys QRS 5/6/7/8 fly reel has a diameter of 3.7" (97mm) and a width of 1.3" (34mm)

How heavy are the Greys QRS fly reels?

The Greys QRS 2/3/4/5 fly reel weighs 170g
The Greys QRS 5/6/7/8 fly reel weighs 182g

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Greys QRS Fly Reel
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