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Greys GX 900 Fly Reel

Greys GX 900 Fly Reel

Greys GX 900 Fly Reel

By Greys
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Top the range Greys GX900 fly reel
Fully machined 6061 bar stock Aluminium construction
Centralised twin Rulon disc drag
Tool less conversion from left to right hand wind
Large arbour design with captive spool release
Comes with a neoprene rel bag

Fly Reel

Product Description

Greys GX900 Reel

If you’re the kind of angler who's serious about fly fishing and after the best fly fishing tackle to take with you on your journeys then the Greys GX900 fly reel could the perfect solution. Superbly made from machined bar stock aluminium this reel is perfect for the angler who wants tackle they can trust under the harshest of conditions.

Available in three sizes, the smaller 2/3/4 GX900 reel is perfect for light fishing on small rivers while the 4/5/6 reel is perfect for river trout fishing on calm chalkwaters. The larger 6/7/8 reel is a great all round reel for trout fshing on rivers and stillwaters.

The smooth and silky centralised twin rulon disc drag system on the GX900 gives the reel a smooth fighting power that allows you to tackle the most aggressive predators with confidence and ease.

The GX900 is constructed from 6061 bar stock aluminium giving an extremely hardwearing and durable fly reel but also allowing Greys to maximise the cut aways for an incredibly light weight that will balance this reel perfectly on any of Greys’ fly rods.

The GX900 can be switched from left to right wind without the need for any tools making it a matter of minutes to set it up corrctly for the way you fish. The GX900 has a secure, screw down captive spool release making it easy to change spools on the bank when needed. As befits a reel of this quality, the Greys GX900 comes supplied in a protective neoprene reel bag.

The Greys GX900 are finished with a hard wearing and extremely smart gey anodized finish.


How large are the Greys GX900 fly reel?

The Greys GX900 2/3/4 fly reel has a diameter of 3.3" (84mm) and a width of 1.2" (30mm)

The Greys GX900 4/5/6 fly reel has a diameter of 3.6" (92mm) and a width of 1.25" (32mm)

The Greys GX900 6/7/8 fly reel has a diameter of 3.9" (100mm) and a width of 1.3" (33mm)

How heavy are the Greys GX900 fly reels?

The Grey GX900 fly reels are very light for their solid and robust construction due to the large cut away design.

The Greys GX900 2/3/4 fly reel weighs 140g
The Greys GX900 4/5/6 fly reel weighs 153g
The Greys GX900 6/7/8 fly reel weighs 170g

What material are the Greys GX900 fly reels made of?

The Greys GX900 fly reels and spools are made from fully machined 6061 bar stock aluminium. 6061 aluminium is a hardened aluminium favoured by the aircraft industry for its light weight, strength and corrosion resistance. The T6 (Tempered Grade 6) 6061 aluminium used in high end fly reels like the Greys GX900 offers the ultimate combination of Tensile Strength (the load it can take before breaking) and Yield strength (the load it can take before deforming) to deliver a reel that will last a lifetime of service under the harshest conditions.

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Greys GX 900 Fly Reel
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