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Greys GTS 800 Salmon Reel

Greys GTS 800 Salmon Reel

Greys GTS 800 Salmon Reel

By Greys
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High performance salmon fly reel
Vented side plates
Full 6061 aluminium bar stock construction
Rulon disc drag system
Large arbor design

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Product Description

Greys GTS800 Salmon reel

Greys are the most respected brand in the tackle market today and with the GTS800 they've come up a reel that 's truly groundbreaking in terms of design and performance.

The frame on the GTS800 reel is made from machined 6061 aluminium and by going with a closed cage design they've managed to make a reel that's exceptionally strong while at the same time being amongst the lightest in it's class. The open section on the rear of the reel means that fish can still be played from the reel by hand by those who like to do this. The vented side plates at the top of the reel not only stop water being sprayed up onto your face but also add extra rigidity to the reel. This is a reel where every aspect of the design has been looked at to end up with a reel that's as good as they can possibly make it.

The spool on the GTS800 has again been machined from 6061 aluminium bar stock and makes a lovely 'ring' sound when it's released. The secure and reliable screw down reel release has a wonderfully milled release knob as does the high performance reel drag adjustment on the other side. The handle on the spool is colour matched to the reel and even has 3 contrasting rubber inserts to provide a secure grip when you need it.

The Greys GTS800 reel is beatifully finished in a satin gun-smoke finish with a host of discrete design touches and fine contrasting details that show off the level of thought and attention to detail that has been applied to this reel.

What a reel! A definite stand out reel from Greys that shows what can be achieved with a talented and knowledgable design team.


How large are the Greys GTS800 salmon reel?

The Greys GTS800 9/10/11 salmon reel has a diameter of 4.3" (110mm) and a width of 1.6" (40mm)

How heavy is the Greys GTS800 salmon reel?

The Greys GTS800 9/10/11 salmon reel weighs 217g
(That's almost 10% lighter than the slighly smaller Greys GTS900 8/9/10 salmon reel)

Why are the Greys GTS800 reels machined from 6061 bar stock aluminium?

The Greys GTS800 fly reels and spools are machined from 6061 bar stock aluminium because of it's light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance, all properties that are ideal for creating a strong, robust and reliable fly reel. 6061 aluminium is a hardened aluminium favoured by the aircraft industry for its light weight, strength and corrosion resistance. The T6 (Tempered Grade 6) 6061 aluminium used in high end fly reels like the Greys GTS800 offers the ultimate combination of Tensile Strength (the load it can take before breaking) and Yield strength (the load it can take before deforming) to deliver a reel that will last a lifetime of service under the harshest conditions.

Greys GTS 800 Salmon Fly Reel Reviews

Greys GTS 800 Salmon Fly Reel
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