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Greys GTS 700 Fly Reel

Greys GTS 700 Cassette Fly Reel

Greys GTS 700 Cassette Fly Reel

By Greys
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Lightweight and strong cassette reel
Machined Aluminium bar stock
Diecast spool carrier
Greys line ID system with coloured pegs
Dual rulon disc drag system
Quick and easy tool less left to right hand conversion
Comes with 2 additional spools in handy reel case

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Product Description

Greys GTS700 Fly Reel

The features of the Greys GTS700 Fly Reel really set it apart from the rest. The machined aluminium trispoke reel frame ensures that the reel is strong, light and durable while the die cast spool carrier carries through the same design philsophy but at an affordable cost.

The Greys GTS700 is based on a large arbour design and comes with an additional 2 cassette spools allowing the one reel to be used with three fly lines. Great for the the angler who has floating, sinking and Intermediate / sink tip lines to perfectly cover the fish at all depths.

The Greys GTS700 fly reel has a screw down captive spool release system so you can quickly and easily swap in and out your fly lines with the minium of fuss. Perfect for quickly responding and adapting to changing water conditions and keeping in touch with the fish.

The GTS700 has the Greys unique Line-ID system that lets you use colour pegs to quickly identify the different line on your cassete spools.

The smooth and effective dual Rulon disc drag system means you can comfortably handle even the largest and longest running of fish. Rulon is heat resistant and incredibly durable, promising a long life of top quality performance.

This Grey GTS700 fly reel comes in two sizes. A 5/6/7 perfect for river and small stillwater fishing and a 7/8/9 thats perfect for the heavier lines used for reservoir, pike fishing and the like.

If you’re in the market for a high performance cassette reel offering you the versatility, performance and quality needed to fish a wide range of venues with complete confidence then you need look no further than the Greys GTS700 Fly Reel. This is a great reel for the modern and discerning fly angler and comes highly recommended.


How large is the Greys GST700?

The Greys GTS700 5/6/7 fly reel has a diameter of 4.1" (104mm)
The Greys GTS700 7/8/9 fly reel has a diameter of 4.3" (110mm)

The reels are about 1.5" (3.8cm) wide.

How heavy is the Greys GTS700 fly reel?

The Greys GTS700 5/6/7 fly reel weighs 214g
The Greys GTS700 7/8/9 fly reel weighs 226g

How many spools does the Greys GTS700 fly reel come with?

The Greys GTS 700 fly reel comes as a complete system with one complete reel and an additional two cassette spools (so three cassette spools in total). The system comes in a protective reel bag to keep everything nice and tidy in your tackle bag.

What materials are used in the Greys GTS 700 fly reel?

The Greys GTS700 fly reel body is made from machined bar stock 6061 aluminium. 6061 aluminium is a hardened aluminium often selected for use in the aircraft industry due it's strength, lightness and corrosion resistance. The grade typically used in The spool carrier is made from diecast aluminium and the cassette spools are made from clear polycarbonate. This disc drag system uses Rulon which is incredibly robust and stable under heat so won't fade when playing strong running fish like cheaper cork or plastic system can do.

Greys GTS700 fly reel Reviews

Greys GTS700 fly reel
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