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Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon - 50m

A superfine and soft premium grade fluorocarbon with real strength and excellent knotability.

Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon - 50m Spools

Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon - 50m Spools

By Fulling Mill
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New Masterclass Premium Fluorocarbon
Denser and lower refractive index than World Class Fluorocarbon
Super fine @ 20% thinner than World Class Fluorocarbon
Softer & more supple than regular fluorocarbon
Easier to knot with good knot strength
50m Spools > enough for eighteen 9' leaders

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Product Description

A superfine and soft premium grade fluorocarbon with real strength and excellent knotability. The Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon delivers the great fish catching performance, high ease of use and strong reliability expected by the discerning angler.


50m spools in different strengths from just under 3lb for lightweight fishing right up to 12lb for salmon or sea trout.

100% super fine Fluorocarbon, it's denser than water helping the line to sink below the surface where it is almost invisible. This premium fluorocarbon is thinner and less visible than regular fluorocarbon making it a good choice for fly fishermen who want the absolute best leader material for nymphs and lures.

7x - 0.110mm / 0.0043" - 2,81lb / 1.28Kg
6x - 0.125mm / 0.0049" - 3.73lb / 1.69Kg
5.5x - 0.143mm / 0.0056" - 4.19lb / 1.90Kg
5x - 0.157mm / 0.0061" - 5.03b / 2.28Kg
4x - 0.196mm / 0.0072" - 6.50lb / 2.95Kg
3x - 0.235mm / 0.0077" - 7.12lb / 3.23Kg
2x - 0.261mm / 0.0090" - 10.71lb / 4.86Kg
1x - 0.275mm / 0.0102" - 12.21lb / 5.54Kg


Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon

This is a specialist line for the discerning angler.

- Superb diameter Vs linear strength ratio
- Supple and easy to knot
- Ratings conform to EFFTA line charter
- Spools clip together - Ideal for tippet holders


This is a premium fluorocarbon that has all the performance and characteristics that make for a truly excellent leader and tippet material. Supple, Super fine, low visibility and nice to knot, this is a worthwhile step up from regular fluorocarbon.

I've been using the 7lb version of this for my last few fishing trips and can confirm it's a nice material to use and has caught me plenty of fish. At less than 70p for a 9' leader length it's not that expensive to use.

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Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon
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